Crawling from the Waves …



Was it an obsession of the public? Of inventors? Of  just Popular Science Monthly? They have so many covers in the Thirties, let along interior blurbs, on amphibious vehicles. It’s as if giant airships and helipads weren’t enough any more. They would give you plans for building your own boat, but surely the future held something more complex, more glamorous, than the hollow in the water that had been used for thousands of years.

The giant below, from April of 1931, is even accompanied by photos of the inventor in his prototype — a one-man craft no more than fifteen feet long.


Our opening painting is the cover of October, 1935. At least this isn’t a crawling ocean yacht, but just the sort of one-man amphibious racer everyone needed.

I think I’m seeing why these schemes never made it to the bank. Yoo-hoo, inventors! You have to have something people actually want, because it lets them do something, preferably in company with others. If autos had remained racing machines, we wouldn’t worry much about traffic jams.



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