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Populations & Police


In the 1885 volume of the Boston magazine, Cottage Hearth, full of wholesome recipes, sheet music, entertainment for the kiddies, and temperance news, on page 227 we find this factoid collection as filler.

England and Its Capital

About 500,000 dwellings shelter the population of London. [c. 3,377,000]
About 10,000 strangers enter the city each day.
About 125 persons are added to the population daily.
About 28 miles of new streets are laid out each year.
About 9,000 new houses are erected annually.
About 129,000 paupers infest the city.
About 11,000 police keep good order. Read the rest of this entry

A Road, Not a Wall


I’ve discovered some forums, over at Reddit (duh, Now, Reddit was designed for people to share links to interesting articles – read-it. However, it has developed beyond that.

On certain subreddits like askhistorians or the alternate-history ones, there is a basic geographical and technological assumption that’s starting to make me grit my teeth when it comes up.


Followed immediately by Asia and Africa.
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Battleships on Stilts


Dieselpunk realities!

I never saw these before so I’m betting you haven’t either. From the 1944 pages of Popular Science Monthly comes one of several newly revealed war machines, now that VE Day approaches and there’s no reason to keep them secret. (OMG, VW Beetles, too, and the Thing version that the Germans used as the equivalent of the Jeep.) Read the rest of this entry