A Peep in the Warehouse


Okay, so what was the nitty-gritty of SKU for 1000 tree books and 2000 orderly bundles of electrons?

Already, we looked at the database and what fields it needed. At that level, no difference between the two.

In the real world, I had to designate the physical locations by some method. First step was to list the room (bedroom, office, frontroom, kitchen), then where the books stay (say, in the office, Bookcase A or B, the little bookcase on the other side of the room, the shelf in my computer desk, Patrick’s alcove, the music book bag, &c). In a bookcase, there’s the shelf designation, from 1 at the top to 5 on the bottom, and a final small “b” means that it’s in the back row.

Having printed out the partial list I had, I stood at the bookcases, pulling out books and making notes on the backs of anything without any entry. Others, I just updated the location. When things got too messy, I went back to the keyboard, keyed it all in, and printed it out anew. The whole thing is only half an inch/13mm thick, printed prettily and tucked into a D-ring binder of a close size.

Some time I would like to invite the total chaos of storing everything by size. As it is, segregation by project still dominates location. I just wasn’t up to wholesale removals, though I did some shuffling inside a room.

Ordering the e-books was simple and straightforward. Their storage is on the terabyte drive, under “Ebook Library.” Looking at the picture probably tells you the most. After all, I am the promoter of sub-files.

Ebook Library
Main Files numbered from 001 — actually on 020, with Early Dreamers in 100 & 101
Sub-Files 01-10
Ten ebooks per sub-file

That means each Main File holds 100 items, maybe more because of different versions, whether TXT or PDF, maybe because I miscounted. It’s not rocket science. In fact, the beauty and speed is due to not having to make decisions. I don’t have to decide if this book goes in History or Literature: it just goes in the next blank slot. No thought involved, which was wonderful when I was at a viral low. I can see where SKU rules warehousing.

So Early Dreamers should take 102-104, maybe 105, and then I’m done except for new additions, which ought not to be much trouble. When I’m pulling them down I keep a text file for all the bibliographic information, which I can transfer to the database. I know the other books won’t catch up to its numbers.

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