Populations & Police


In the 1885 volume of the Boston magazine, Cottage Hearth, full of wholesome recipes, sheet music, entertainment for the kiddies, and temperance news, on page 227 we find this factoid collection as filler.

England and Its Capital

About 500,000 dwellings shelter the population of London. [c. 3,377,000]
About 10,000 strangers enter the city each day.
About 125 persons are added to the population daily.
About 28 miles of new streets are laid out each year.
About 9,000 new houses are erected annually.
About 129,000 paupers infest the city.
About 11,000 police keep good order.
About 12,000 foreigners live in the city.
About 2,000 clergymen hold forth every Sunday.
About 620 churches give comfort to the faithful.
About 700,000 cats enliven the moonlight nights.
About 3,000 horses die each week.
About as many Catholics as live in Rome and about as many Jews as there are in Palestine reside in the metropolis.
England has 550 war vessels and France 356, while the great American navy numbers only 139. But then it costs Great Britain $51,800,000 and France $41,000,000 a year to support their naval armaments, while we get along with $16,100,000

London has over 10,000 policemen, or one to 307 of the population, New York, 2,870, or one police officer to 502 of population; Brooklyn, 661, or one to 919 of population; St. Louis, 483, or one officer to 710 of population.

[This gives us 1885 population figures of
London, 3,070,000
New York, 1,440,740
Brooklyn, 607,459
St. Louis, 342,930.
Notice that New York and Brooklyn are still separate entities!]

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