Battleships on Stilts


Dieselpunk realities!

I never saw these before so I’m betting you haven’t either. From the 1944 pages of Popular Science Monthly comes one of several newly revealed war machines, now that VE Day approaches and there’s no reason to keep them secret. (OMG, VW Beetles, too, and the Thing version that the Germans used as the equivalent of the Jeep.)

These “tower forts” were constructed, towed out to sandbanks, and positioned to guard shipping lanes, specifically against mine-laying. Catwalks connected them.BattleStiltsThese were manned by the Army, not Royal Navy. Having seen storms sweep waves entirely over tall stone lighthouses, this isn’t somewhere I want to be in a winter gale. On the other hand, I think that on a balmy summer’s day, hanging out on the catwalks might have seemed a bit idyllic.

Do any of you have more information on these? Did Granpa talk about his time in tower forts?


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