Current Status


Whew! Finished the 3 pages of romance genres and sub-genres. The hard part wasn’t describing them: it was making the lists as inclusive as possible, then aaaagh making all the links on the central romance page and the central genres page. I still have science fiction and fantasy to go, and they may be worse. As so often, if I had known how big the revision project was going to get, I might not have started.

Especially considering our Oceanic Time-Warner modem blew out, and we were without phone, cable, Roku, and the internet for most of a week. Makes research a little hard.

If you want to look at a pretty good parsing of specfi genres before I get my strength back, you might look at the list at Other Worlds Writers Workshop. If you’re interested in the genres, you probably write it and you can use a tough-love workshop.

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