Just an Update …


Fortunately, I wrote the whole DIY series in advance, so we can finish that next weekend.

My new medication has the unfortunate side effect of making me sick as a dog 12 hours after injection, with extended queasiness, weakness, and dizziness. Instant flu, without the fever and nose drool!

Our cat is sick, too, and my monitor burnt out, so my dear husband is stressed out with all three of us — wife, cat, and computer.

But at least the new Sunbeam bread maker is working (touch wood, kine hora, and everything else to ward off misfortune) and the Hodgson Mill bread mixes have turned my DH into the new family bread baker. Give a man a kitchen power tool, or an IT guy something with buttons and a screen, and it’s no longer scary, like hand bread making would be. (Bleached flour is right off my diet now, and mixes are 1/3 the price of supermarket loaves.)

I just worry about what he’s watching after I go to work. He’s heard me talk about kneading for years, but when the machine went beep one time, he exclaimed, “Hey, it’s going into its second beat-down already!”

Have fun, folks. Seventeen days to NaNoWriMo! Got to go do some more revision stuff to see us through November.

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