What Every Writer Should Know


This gave me such a warm glow by the end, I just wanted to share it. Most successful writers, and certainly most writers who like writing and the writing life, do not take a competitive attitude toward other writers. We’ve always clumped in clubs and workshops, and cleanse our souls of killer parasites by sitting down to talk with someone who really understands what we go through. That’s only other writers. The blogosphere has given us our own city of writers in which to live and share and take refuge and be uplifted. This is one of the rays of sunshine on a cold day, the cool breezes on a hot day, reminding us that the future for writers is looking better than ever. Certainly, for each of us the individual future is better when we let go of the negative and just enjoy what we are. We’re storytellers. “Become what you are.” (Nietsche)

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