Basically, July Camp Nanowrimo has killed off the Nano Rebels by embracing them.

Not doing 50k words? Change your goal right there.
Writing a script? As welcome as at Script Frenzy.
Doing non-fiction, poetry, short stories, or something else? Pick how many words you want to do.
Finishing something already started? Great — just choose your number goal.
Revising a project? They figure one hour of revision equals writing 1000 words.
Researching a project? This sound even strange enough to get kicked out of camp, but — one hour = 1k words.

The only one I haven’t seen is non-word goals, but it is a writing month. Still, I’m sure if you asked them they’d come up with equivalents, like drawing or inking one page of already-scripted graphic novel = 2000 words, or doing a composited book cover = 2000 words or doing a cover painting = 10,000 words, if you don’t just do it on the 1hr = 1k words system. Basically, this is Camp Creativity, verbal orientation, but everyone welcome if it helps you get your beloved work done.

Now, back to work!

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